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Hogaanka Siyaasada Beesha Habar-cayno Oo la wareegay Gen: Abdullahi Gaafow

Hogaanka Siyaasada beesha Habar cayno oo la wareegay General Abdullahi Gaafow Maxamud oo ahaa Taliyihii hore ee Nabad Sugida kadib in mudo ah xilkaas uu si qasab ah ku haayey Xildhibaan Mustaf Dhuxulow.

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Magaalada Kalbiyow oo fatahadii Biyaha ay Godoomiyeen

21/05/2018 Badhaadhemedai

waraar   lagu kalsoon yahay ayaan maalinta ka helnay degaanka degmadda badhaadhe

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Somalia's delegation for the ILO raises eyebrows



104th Session of the International Labour Conference, 1- 13 June 2015

Mogadishu (badhaadhe) – Somalia’s choice of delegates for the upcoming International Labour Conference (ILO) have raised some eyebrows. The selective process that excluded legitimate representatives from Somalia’s labour unions and included just one federal member state has led many to question who is attending and in what capacity.

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Tropical storm Sagar develops ‘eye’ as it heads for Somalia

Friday May 18, 2018

Weather agencies across the globe are keeping an eye on a relatively rare tropical storm that’s strengthened in the Gulf of Aden, with potential impacts for Horn of Africa nations including Djibouti and Somalia.
Meteorologist Ryan Maue, a tropical storm expert in the United States, noted an eye feature in the storm, now named Sagar, as the sun rose early Friday. One hurricane model “suggests rapid intensification could be under way,” he said, with near major-hurricane surface winds in the next 24 hours. 

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Wasiirro iyo ganacsato Soomaaliyeed oo Turkiga uga qeybgalaya shir looga hadlayo ganacsiga iyo maalgashiga Soomaaliya


BadhaadheMedai 02/05/2018 Wafdigan ka socda wasaaradda ganacsiga Soomaaliya, kuwa dowlad goboleedyada iyo rugaha ganacsi ee dalka ayaa dalka Turkiga

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President Farmajo visits flood-hit Beledweyne

Badhaadhe 30/04/2018 President  Farmajo travelled to Beledweyne on Monday to examine the damage done by days of torrential rain.

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Jawari denies accepting cash bribes for resignation


Mogadishu (HOL) - Somalia’s Lower House outgoing speaker, Mohamed Jawari on Thursday vehemently refuted claims that he received millions of dollars to bow out of the office barely two days after he conceded to leave the office.

Jawari dismissed the allegations on social media which accused the former speaker of taking money in exchange for his resignation, 

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In Somalia, which already lacks a strong central government, the foreign military presence risks aggravating matters and contributing to the country’s disintegration

last month, Somalia called on the United Nations Security Council to halt the construction of a UAE military base in Somaliland. Somalia's ambassador to the UN slammed the deal to build the base in the port city of Berbera as a "clear violation of international law".

The deal was struck between the local government of Somaliland and the UAE without the oversight and approval of the Somali federal government. Somaliland is a semi-autonomous region that unilaterally declared independence during the country’s civil war, although this has not been internationally recognised. 

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Is ISIS still around? Islamic State leader Is alive and plotting a comeback, reports claim

Tuesday May 22, 2018
By Cristina Maza

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made his first appearance on video when he gave a sermon in Mosul in July 2014 . PHOTO: Al-FURQAAN MEDIA

The Islamic State has almost entirely lost control over territory in Iraq and Syria, and rumors claim that the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is either dead or severely disabled.

Several analysts indicate that ISIS, the Islamic militants who pledged to invade the West and establish an Islamic State based on Sharia law across the globe,

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Gunmen kidnap German nurse in Somalia capital

BadhaadheMedai 03/05/2018 Armed men abducted a German nurse working for the International Committee of the Red Cross on Wednesday evening from a compound in Somalia's capital Mogadishu,

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President Farmajo visits flood-hit Beledweyne

Badhaadhe 30/04/2018  Baladweyne , Madaxweyne Mohamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa boogday goobo ka mid ah magaalada qadiimka ah ee Baladweyne , Madaxweynaha goobaha uu boogday 

waxaa ka mid ahaa

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Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo hambalyo ku aaddan Maalinta Xorriyadda Saxaafadda Adduunka u diray Wariyeyaasha Soomaaliyeed

Badhaadhe 03/05/2018  Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya Mudane Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa hambalyo ku aaddan

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Somalia’s new regime flounders

In shambles: Somali women celebrate the election of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in 2017 but their joy is proving to be premature. (Feisal Omar, Reuters)

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